To Selfie or not to Selfie?

The Pew Research Center has once again published interesting marketing research - more than half of millenials have shared a "selfie" in the last month.

Whether you've taken a selfie, shared a selfie, commented on a selfie, or blocked all your social media friends who post constant selfies - you KNOW what a selfie is and have to wonder how to leverage the selfie popularity within your social media marketing.

 Here's a round up of a few ideas we've seen:

Social Good:

selfie1Axe Deodorant brand (popular amongst young teens and 20's) has demonstrated success when it comes to campaigns, too, teaming up with non-profit Peace One Day for an engaging Valentine’s Day contest in which its audience submitted #KissforPeace selfies in honor of the organization’s global mission of nonviolence. Axe shared its top picks on its social media platforms in addition to cross-promoting the campaign with traditional advertising forms like digital billboards. In its approach, Axe was able to effectively publicize its brand while also promoting an altruistic cause.

 Product Presentation

Brands like Dunkin’ are smart to incorporate their actual products in selfie campaigns. The company’s “Fan of the Week” contest allows diehard drinkers to showcase their passion for the brand by snapping a selfie and submitting it on social media.

Brand Awareness & Confidence

Small boutique clothing store, Hopes, in Alpharetta, GA has leveraged the incredible power of Twitter + Pinterest + Instagram to encourage their shoppers (mostly highschool and college aged girls) to "model" their clothing. The results - incredible sales for a small boutique and a huge SM following (over 700,000 on Instagram alone!)


qdobakissQdoba Mexican Grill has a fun event every Valentine's Day - the Kiss for Qdoba! If you kiss a partner, lover or stranger at the checkout, you get a free entree. This year, Qdoba ran an effective social media campaign asking people to take selfies at the checkout and post to social media with the hashtag #kissforqueso . Thousands of fun uploads trended on Twitter and Instagram.

If you've never considered encouraging selfies - you may be missing a trend of viral marketing. Whether your business is experience based, food based, service based, or personal contact based - you have a BASE of PEOPLE who are engaging with your brand. Don't miss an opportunity to encourage your customers to share their experiences on social media through selfies!


 selfie3Hey look - it's a Spore Creative selfie with client Rachel Ebel!

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