On Branding: Peter Ruppe of Nike

I just read a great interview by David Brier with Nike branding frontman for 27 years, Peter Ruppe. Click here to read the entire interview, but read below for some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the interview:

Brands are built by substance.

official-nike-air-max-2014-fluorescent-green"Brands are built by substance. How well have we attended to our own beliefs and behaviors in the development of the brand? Early on, we may not be a aware of the impact of how we behave toward our market though it may have a powerful impact on the brand's potential. This is why so many successful brands have such humble beginnings. We worked hard to earn our market, we demonstrated our appreciation, and then we're rewarded for it. It's at that point the brand is created."

Create "soulful space."

"To cut through, everything we do has to pull together in an authentic and cohesive way. Through this you have a chance to be noticed, seen and related to. The brand work creates a soulful space for the product or service to exist in. It generates emotion, and opens the possibility of a market being drawn into a relationship with you."

The process never stops.

"The brand development process is a journey of self-discovery. It drives awareness of who we are, and the story to be shared about us.The simple milestones exist on the surface. We agree on a collective brief, a name, an icon, a tag line, a color palette, and so on. Each step builds momentum and establishes your brand within you. The truth is that it never stops."

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