FB Launches Newswire

newswiresmallYou probably use Facebook for anecdotes, communication with IRL (in-real-life) friends, and maybe business promotion. But more than likely, when breaking news happens, you are on your Twitterfeed checking hashtags and staying informed. Today, Facebook announced its launch of "FB Newswire."


FB Newswire will collect “newsworthy content” that Facebook users share publicly via their accounts, including media like photos and videos, as well as status updates from users on the ground where news is breaking. It’s a good idea, as Facebook is looking to position itself more as a source for timely public information, along the lines of what Twitter has managed to become organically.

newswireWhile I love this idea, partnered with Storyful, I did find it ironic that FB is pushing their Twitter account as a way to stay updated on their FB Newswire activity :)

"Powered by Storyful, the leader in social content discovery and verification for newsrooms, FB Newswire aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly on Facebook by individuals and organizations across the world for journalists to use in their reporting. This will include original photos, videos and status updates posted by people on the front lines of major events like protests, elections and sporting events. FB Newswire is accessible on Facebook at Facebook.com/FBNewswire and on Twitter at @FBNewswire, and will be updated in real-time with content related to top news stories"

Read the entire press release here. http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2014/04/announcing-fb-newswire-powered-by-storyful/

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