Simplicity and Beauty in Branding

Want to sell a ton of _____________? Put thought into your branding and the simplicity of your message.

Current trends are to SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY. This means leaving the bevel, drop shadow, gradient and glow in 2001 and creating stand-out imagery that clearly speaks your brand.

With the rise of the local brewery and micro-brewing - we've seen some really crappy packaging and branding. But we've also seen the brand done well. Below are some examples of a clearly communicated brand - something we can all learn from and admire.

beersHalf Acre Beer - Chicago, IL

"Our story begins with boat loads of optimism, is rooted in the naive, and full of piss & vinegar."



cerveceriasagradaCervecería Sagrada - Mexico

"The Legend is about to be born."




quebec4Swing Microbrewery - Quebec, Canada

Native American influences, clean and classic. Coming soon.

Read more about the design.



bloodalleyBlood Alley Bitter - Russell Brewing Co - British Columbia, Canada

Clean, whimsical, fun, memorable.



camdenCamden Town Brewery - London

Use of typography and color.



12oz-ORABELLEGreat Divide Brewing Company - Denver, CO

Strong imagery, great colors, great symbols.


Let these serve as inspiration for brand communication done beautifully.

Remember, clean, classy, classic!

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