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Effective Social Media Marketing

socialmedia blog1Do you get the feeling lately that your social media experience is being bombarded by consumer ads and promotions? Are your friend's weekend exploits, which may or may not include copious amounts of alcohol, overshadowed by uninvited advertisements? Most of us never thought our minute by minute stream of consciousness would be so rudely interrupted when we signed up for Facebook. But like all good things...giant internet companies with public offerings need to eat too.

 My point is this: many companies use their Social Media advertising outlets in the wrong way. They assume that if the button says "Ads Manager" it requires some kind generic uninteresting uninviting promo which in most cases does nothing for them.

What many companies are missing is that people don't go to Facebook looking for ads or even assuming they will see one in their newsfeed. They are on Facebook and other social media website to entertain themselves. So, in turn, your social media marketing (or inbound marketing as some would call it,) needs to be focused on entertaining your consumer.
Here's 3 types of posts we take into account when creating social media marketing campaigns.

  • Ask a question – creates interaction
  • Post a positive anecdote – promotes "sharing"
  • Teach them something – creates consumer confidence

Your primary goal is to generate reach and create new "likes" or new engaged users within your social marketing –right? Why not engage your audience and get them to participate in what you are selling. In the end your business will capture loyal customers who feel connected and invested and are likely to engage over and over.

Happy Connecting! - Brandon Slack - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.