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Kudos: Made in the Now

7437 48We're starting a new feature on the blog! A weekly KUDOS post will go out to a great design, concept, website or art piece we've seen somewhere locally or on the web. As artists and programmers - our industry is a crossroads where left and right brains meet - we are interested in science and art, in social justice and historical relevance, in modern designs and vintage throwbacks. 

This week's KUDOS goes to the t-shirt company "Made in the Now." From their website, "Made In The Now, an online t-shirt design studio and retail store, was launched in mid-2011 as a peaceful protest against some unfortunate hallmarks of the fashion industry – derivative design, mass consumption and irresponsible production. Driven by trends of a different kind, MITN designs are produced every seven days and are inspired by the most important news story of the week. Each t-shirt features a highly collectible, covetable design and is available to purchase for seven days only. As advocates of considered, masterful design, we collaborate with a pool of handpicked designers and illustrators who are dotted across the globe."

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The Made in the Now website allows fans globally to vote on Faceook for the most relevant news story of the week. Then, that idea is presented in art form on a t-shirt* that is available for just seven days. I love some of the shirts on the site - and appreciate the idea of quickly producing limited relevant art. 



*The views of the t-shirts themselves do not necessarily reflect the views of those of us at Spore Creative.