Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

Until recently, the majority of websites were designed as static. While they are faster and cheaper to design and maintain, static websites require a higher degree of web development knowledge to design and update. As a result, the content is often limited in function and frequently becomes outdated. A static website’s purpose is often to display limited and unchanging content without any user interaction. With the rapid growth of the internet and need for frequent content changes dynamic web designs have quickly become the favored approach.

Dynamic sites offer ease of use and far more functions than static sites. Updating content with a content management system requires little effort and can be done by anyone, eliminating the need for a professional after the design is complete. Sites can include more interactive features like message boards, uploadable content and e-commerce. Dynamic sites are more expensive and take longer to develop, but the new content brings people back to the site, and the ease of use allows for a collaborative effort to keep the site up to date.

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