Worth 1000 Words

covers1In every statement of work, proposal, or marketing plan we send out to clients we make a suggestion. "Photography: We suggested investing in professional photography which drastically affects the “mood lighting” of the site and its imagery. "

Over and over, we tell our clients that professional photography is what makes or breaks their website. Snapshots, poorly lit images, unfocused photos and photos that feel dated or dingy can quickly date or ruin your new website or printed marketing piece.

 There was a story in the news today about two Chicago newspapers. Recently the Chicago Sun Times laid off their photojournalists and instructed their news journalists (writers) to take photos using their iphones. While this dramatically reduced the overhead of the newspaper, it also reduced the quality of the images that, quite literally, are worth 1000 words. 

A very interesting side by side comparison of recent front pages of the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune can be found here.


The photos and images are what draws the viewer into the story. If you don't have updated photography on your website or in your brochure, you may be miscommunicating to your audience - or missing them altogether.

Spore Creative is proud to work with several regional photographers and can recommend the right photographer for your project nationally. Give us a call if you're ready to update your website or printed materials with photography that illustrates the story you're trying to tell.

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