Wordpress or Joomla Website Hacked?

Over the last few years open source content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla have been easy targets for hackers. In most cases website owners don’t even know they are hacked until their hosting provider suspends their account. Hackers are motivated for a variety of reasons ranging from bandwidth stealing to hijacking your email service to send out malicious emails. The result of being hacked is devastating to website owners. Google can de-list or flag your site as malicious, your domain can get blacklisted if you use it for email, and your website risks being taken down byyour hosting provider.

If your site is hacked don’t worry, we handle this sort of stuff every day. In most cases we can identify the type of hack and the files affected very quickly and restore site function within a day. The next step is very important. Once your site has been hacked you're undoubtedly still a target and you need to be active in your website security. This means keeping tabs on third party plugin updates and core CMS updates. Also, it is very important to understand what your hosting provider does to protect you. If you are paying less then $10 for hosting per month its likely your getting little to no security protection from your provider. Their primary concern is the speed and optimal efficiency of their hosting environment. If one site is affecting that they will simply suspend your account until you fix the issue. Alternatively, premium hosting providers like LongScope Hosting utilize active security monitor and backups which allow quick recovery.

The bottom line is this – websites aren’t just “set it and forget it” marketing tools for your business. They require regular maintenance and upkeep. Spore Creative offers website security that actually works. If your site is hacked we know about it before you and in most cases we are already working to fix the issue. 99% of the time clients who use our anti-hacking website security and support package have zero down time and enjoy peace of mind that their site is well taken care of. Our skill comes from years of battling hackers and trial by fire. We are a small team of highly efficient, skilled individuals who can recover , patch and secure your Wordpress or Joomla website.

Contact us for questions or if your site is currently hacked let us know and we can start on fixing it within 1 hour!