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“Social networking”... what does that even mean? We learn growing up through our parents, professors and through plain common sense really, that “networking” is one of the most important ways to expand your opportunities and get ahead in life. Up until just a few years ago this meant bumping into someone new and then trying to remember a name, and hopefully phone number, long enough that you could get it jotted down in your little black book. Then, maybe, sometime several years later when you actually open that book to see who all you “know”, you realize not a single name looks even slightly familiar. And if you’re anything like me, you probably forgot the name the same second it was told to you and jotted down something like “that guy from that place”, which is a great heap of help when you can’t even remember what was for breakfast.

The scope and process of social networking has slightly strayed from the little black book method since then, strayed in leaps and bounds. As important as networking is as an individual, it is of even greater importance as a business to keep track of changes in this system. As a business however, it isn’t about who you know, but WHO KNOWS YOU. This is one of the biggest questions and dilemmas to solve for marketers, as it is directly linked to a business owner’s very livelihood. Does anybody know you exist? And if so, who are they? How do I let people know I’m here? At Spore Creative, this is exactly what we are here to help you find out.

The social networking field can be... frightening. It changes constantly as technology races to who knows what end. First there was the internet and email, then chat rooms, cell phones, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones... how do you know what to use, or even how to use it? So many questions! For your business, networking means creating an in sync image portrayed through your business itself, your website, and any other social medium you choose. Why should you bother “wasting” time online when you don’t know the first thing about web design or how Facebook works? Won’t people just see your sign and stop in? Snap out of it! Like I said, that’s what we are here for. And yes, people will see your sign on the side of the road and stop in from time to time... maybe 10, 30, 100 a week? Why not reveal your business to the literally billions of people who are online every single day!?

According to AARP over 25% of Americans 50 years or older keep in touch using Facebook and nearly half know how to get around the internet. It isn’t just for the younger crowd anymore. The internet can be used to reach whatever your market of choice may be. With a little SEO (search engine optimization), a creative and well designed website, an interesting Facebook account and your well thought out business plan... your little black book will be overflowing with new “contacts.” It’s word of mouth taken to a whole new level, and we want the word to be about your business. It’s easier than you think, and Spore Creative is here to take you from start to finish, and then some. When you’re ready to show the world what your business is about, to take things to the newest frontier... just let us know!

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