The Brand Story

Stop for a moment and think of the last commercial that grabbed your heart. You shared it on Facebook, tweeted a response during the Super Bowl, you GOT it. It resonated within your soul. The story moved you.

What was the commercial for? Do you remember the product? Was the product explicit in the story - or just a sidenote to the story of the brand.

Richie Amato from ImagiBrand wrote, "Consumers don’t want to be told by some company what they need or why they should like something. They want the freedom to choose what noise they are allowed to hear and what brands are deserving of their loyalty."

In the past decade some iconic commercials and ad campaigns have tugged at our heartstrings and told us a story. Some of my favorites are below. Remember as you begin to tell your brand's story that the STORY IS WHAT MATTERS. The product sales will follow a well told story. But neglect the story, forget the message, and you won't be heard above the noise.

For more great insight into storytelling your brand, I encourage you to read the entire article by Amato, here.

Personal favorite stories:

Honey Maid's "This is Wholesome"

Folger's "Best Part of Waking Up"

Chrysler "Imported from Detroit"

Budweiser's 9-11 Tribute

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