Spore Game Confusion

Spore Game Confusion

creatureOver the last couple months we noticed a funny thing happening to our website search rank. It was going up! At an alarming rate (not that we were complaining). But, to a degree, it was for all the wrong reasons.


As most of you know (at least the gamers/mega nerds out there) Will Wright, the creator of the Sim games, has created a revolutionary game called Spore. The game allows you to create an endless array of creatures and civilizations which interact with each other. The really interesting aspect of the game is that there are no pre-developed arguments for how arms, legs or general character movement should operate. Instead the game evaluates how your creature is created and then determines how it will, for an example lunge at an apple in a tree. If you create a creature without arms it will try jumping for the apple with its mouth. The extraordinary thing about that game is that is endless. SPORE-04There are hundreds of different routes you can take your creatures and civilization as it interacts with other creatures.

Another interesting aspect of the game includes your environment and how they integrate new and interesting creatures. Let’s say you’re on your little planet and you come across another species. That species has to be loaded from an online database of other players creatures. So your interaction with new characters can take almost any form depending on what creatures were created by other players. This goes the same for your own creature which could end up populating someone else’s planet in their own game. There are countless other features about the game that we could detail for you, but our humble explanation will have to do.

Once the game debuted more people started searching for Spore game keywords and apparently, this caused people to stumble upon our site. But our hits didn’t really kick in until Spore Creature Creator came out. People started to search this key phrase more often and a small percentage misspelled creator with creative, thus landing them at our site!! Its been interesting seeing our hits rise with the release of the game back in September and then our subsequent leveling off. But we found it interesting and are somewhat privileged to be wrapped in such a monumental and unprecedented game release.

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