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Since the advent of social networking sites there have been a lot of tips for how to instantly draw more customers or quick and easy ways to increase brand awareness. Kate Morris has a simple tip from her article “Discovering Brand Advocates.”

Her recommendation is to ask users if they have a website and to get the URL for that site. You can get this information from them any time they register for something on your site. This is a way to build links that are “from people that really want to talk about your business.” This strategy will get you on your way to compiling a strong list of sites that already know your business.

As pointed out in Morris’ article, “these are people that know your brand and are therefore easier to contact. Why make linking harder than it has to be?

Sounds pretty easy, but what are the initial steps? Of course, Spore Creative would love to help you through this process whether you are interested in our SEO and Link Building services, or just want us to update your existing site. Here are the simple tips Morris has come up with:

  • Make providing website/URL information optional.
  • Keep forms simple, so don’t ask for this information on initial contact forms.
  • Once registered, inform users that they can provide more information and tell them where to go to provide that information.
  • Have existing members “fill in the gaps.”

The next step is where you will want to enlist the help of Spore Creative to collect the data that you have gotten through your site and assess it for good links. Then a strategy for how to create these links and creating brand advocates will be made and implemented.

This process can help create business relationship and partnerships for your business. Who you know does matter, and if the right people not only know about you but are rooting for you too, then you have put your brand in the best spot for success.

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