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Spore Creative, an online business solutions firm, launches consultancy on SEO

From the local coffee shop to a national corporation, everyone wants their business to be on top. Branding, advertising, and a product that represents the pinnacle of development are pivotal for the survival of any business. With all these things in mind, how can people get on the top without going into huge debt? Spore Creative, the fastest growing online business solutions resource, is cementing businesses on Google and Yahoo. Spore Creative specializes in making sure a website never goes “stale” through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a protocol that involves increasing the number of visitors or “traffic” to a website from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This would mean changing a website’s content and programming to ensure search engines find it when a person uses search engines to find information about a business or services offered. Brandon Slack, President of Spore Creative, is a leading consultant in SEO. Spore Creative’s Brandon Slack has over 10 years of online marketing experience, and has revolutionized several local and national websites. Slack recommends that SEO should be the top priority for any business that has a website. “Think of SEO as having your business name published in every magazine or newspaper that covers your industry.” Brandon Slack explains. “You have millions and millions of people all over the world searching for products or services that you offer, and when someone wants the best deal or highly sought after services, they search the internet.” With the current economic climate, most businesses are reevaluating their marketing strategies in the New Year. Brandon continues: “What we have to consider is that small businesses don’t have the same voice in today’s market as the big businesses. The Internet is the best way to display your company and tell your story. Search Engine Optimization is financially sound and highly effective with visible results. I think that is what every business wants for their marketing.” With a steady track record and impressive list of satisfied clients, Spore Creative continues to lead the pack in SEO and Online Marketing Strategies in the region. For more information visit www.sporecreative.com ### Spore Creative is a full service web development firm. Founded by President Brandon Slack in 2005, Spore Creative offers web design, programming, graphic design, web consulting, internet marketing, public relations, and more. Since established, Spore Creative has more than doubled in size, and has been proud to say that it is one of few firms in South Dakota that is fully dedicated to web development and online marketing specialists.

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