Rogue Pressure Services

Rogue Pressure Services had a problem. An oil boom in North Dakota had business at a new high. But their one page, old, html website wasn't giving them the exposure they needed or presenting the image they wanted to portray.

When we first sat down with Mike & Rebekah from Rogue Pressure Services, we were impressed immediately with their down to earth nature and the excitement they had for doing business well. Rogue also gives back - a huge portion of their sales has gone to benefit Breast Cancer Research in the United States - and their bright pink oil rig is a testament to going the distance for a good cause.

We developed the brand of Rogue - taking it from a simple logo concept (the bulldog) to a website that communicates the nitty gritty of life on the oil fields and the hard work and dedication this company puts into their success and the individual success of their employees.

Rogue's website now features photographs of their large lot of equipment, specs on their machinery, and a downloadable employment application. Potential clients and employees can now learn exactly who Rogue is and what they stand for online.

We couldn't be happier with the Rogue Pressure Services website and continue an ongoing relationship with Mike and Rebekah for site updates and content integration as Rogue continues to boom.

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