Rachel Ebel Photography

When we first heard that highschool friend Rachel (Cress) Ebel was starting a photography business in 2009, we were excited to see her talents unfold. And, as one of the midwest's fastest growing wedding photographers, Rachel hasn't disappointed.

Being with Rachel on this journey has been a great experience. From initial business name brainstorming, round one of business cards, round two of business cards, name change, new business cards, new logo, new website.... leading up to 2012 when Rachel booked out almost every weekend in the summer and needed another new look. Her current website is whimsical yet professional - exactly what Rachel is when you  meet her. A natural beauty who captures love and the little moments in natural light - Rachel's website reflects uniquely her.

 Your original design is an absolute masterpiece. So grateful for your vision and generosity. Thank you, so so much.

Spore Creative continues to work with Rachel on custom packaging for cd's and photos, marketing materials, and maintaining her website and blog site as needed. We are proud to see her success in a field she is passionate about - and equally proud to have been a little part of her journey.

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