Posters? Please!

boulderWhile work around the office never really stalls - Spring is an especially busy time for us at Spore Creative. It's probably just the newness of warm weather, green grass, and finally putting the snow shovel away for the last time (hopefully)! Brandon's been laying sod in his backyard - and we've enjoyed seeing some unique projects via our online connections.

Natalie follows indie band The Decemberists on Facebook. For their tours, local designers in the cities they play in create the gig poster for their show. Their posters reflect the unique perspective of the artist who designed the poster - while still holding true to the look and feel of The Decemberists. Natalie is kind of a nut for them - and has spent a good deal of time oogling the posters. 

All this to say - Spore Creative would love a chance to design your next gig poster (even if you don't have The Decemberists' clout)!  Give us a call and we'll come up with something that will communicate your music and passion in an appealing aesthetic!

Check out the posters here!

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