Pete Lien & Sons

A long-time business in Rapid City, Pete Lien & Sons didn't even have a website until they came to Spore Creative to build something that represented their brand moving forward. We worked closely with the leadership team at Pete Lien to make sure the website was exactly what they needed.

Pete Lien & Sons owns and operates one of the largest privately held lime stone quarries in South Dakota and Wyoming. With a need to establish themselves in an increasingly high tech industry, Pete Lien & Son’s contracted with Spore Creative to re-build their site with functions that would lead them into a new era of technology improvement. Spore Creative defined the project requirements, software architecture, development plan and admin training schedule. Over the course of the project Spore Creative consistently delivered on project priorities and goals. Specific attention was given to three areas, 1) mobile devices, 2) website admin permission levels and 3) website security. Spore Creative integrated HTML 5 based standards during the development process which leveraged AJAX and CSS3 tools in creating a responsive design. This design platform limited the need for secondary mobile site design and increased compatibility across device browser platforms. A solution was needed that allowed multiple admins to manage content remotely and also each admin to manage specifically allocated content, so Spore Creative modified and improved existing open source content management system ACLs creating advanced unlimited dynamic admin permission levels and completed admin control over sub-admin groups and their appropriated content management levels. Moreover, security measures were implemented on the front facing and server side to mitigate malicious website intrusion attempts.

Where applicable Spore Creative reduced risk by implementing monitoring software that regularly scans for changed files, identifies intrusion attempt patters and automatic blocking mechanisms based on geographic region and known IP range. Spore Creative has successfully managed and supported the Pete Lien websites content and security and continues to improve on existing project goals.

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