Office Space

office_copyWe're normally pretty creative people here at Spore Creative. And we're taking that to a new (messier!) level this week as we renovate our new office space. That's right - we're moving!

We needed a bit more space for meetings and conferences, but as part of our committment to keeping overhead low and staying "green" we didn't want to purchase or rent a bigger space than we needed. Most of our contracters work from home and telecommute. But we DO need an inviting, exciting place to meet, explore, create, and work. This week we're priming, painting, trimming, and designing art for the walls. Natalie is most excited about the vinyl wraps she's created for the space and Brandon is just hoping the paint eventually washes out of his hair.

The best thing about having new office space is that we get to reimagine our working space. As we make the move we'll go through our files and our clutter. We'll be able to assess what we need and what we want and what has just been taking up room. We have nine white walls staring at us, with room for our creativity to flow - and we're excited to put our vision on them - to communicate more effectively what Spore Creative is about.

Your company or organization may need to make room for something new, too. Perhaps it's time to pull the shelves away from a wall, prime it bright white, and call Spore Creative to come help you re-create your marketing, website, branding, or space. Maybe your style is outdated, communicating poorly, or just not attracting the attention you know your business or product deserves. We LOVE blank walls and big paintbrushes and we are waiting to help you make space for something new.

Who We Are

Every morning we wake up early, open the windows, stretch, pour a pot of coffee and set out to be the best little marketing firm under the sun. Join us?


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