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Branding Campaign

Refers to the process of portraying a positive message and image of your company to the public. The term “brand”, however, is too frequently left “under-defined” as it refers to far more than just your product and name. A brand is the immediate image, emotion, or message that people experience when they think of a company or product. Developing that personal response to your brand requires a collaboration of several branding concepts. Brand association is the attribute(s) that come to mind when people think of your brand (i.e. safety and Volvo).

Brand name includes not only your company name, but the other names your company is known for (i.e. Nissan: Maxima, Sentra, Xterra etc.). Brand personality develops emotional connotations (beauty, reliability, humor, etc.) of a brand and is often portrayed by a spokesperson or “mascot” (i.e.The Geico Gecko). Logos are a text or graphic image used to not only identify your brand but also communicate it. Positioning defines where your company belongs in the marketplace such as what you have to offer and advantages of your product over another. A branding campaign combines all of these elements and others to communicate all that your company is in a unique and synchronized message.