PSN Network DDOS Attack

If you are interested in seeing some intersting stats and live DDOS attacks checkout this link to Norse IPViking real time map. If you notice the datacenters in the midwest and washington area are getting pounded. This is an example of active DDOS attacks, however most of the servers being hit in this map are fake networks or Honey Pots. It's interesting to watch none the less. 

Great Ad: Irreplaceable

irreplaceable2Irreplaceable means "impossible to replace if lost or damaged."

A university in Sao Paulo, Brazil is using "Are you Irreplaceable" as an ad campaign. We love this idea, recognizing that each one of us has a unique role and should be one-of-a-kind at what we do.

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To Selfie or not to Selfie?

The Pew Research Center has once again published interesting marketing research - more than half of millenials have shared a "selfie" in the last month.

Whether you've taken a selfie, shared a selfie, commented on a selfie, or blocked all your social media friends who post constant selfies - you KNOW what a selfie is and have to wonder how to leverage the selfie popularity within your social media marketing.

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FB Launches Newswire

newswiresmallYou probably use Facebook for anecdotes, communication with IRL (in-real-life) friends, and maybe business promotion. But more than likely, when breaking news happens, you are on your Twitterfeed checking hashtags and staying informed. Today, Facebook announced its launch of "FB Newswire."

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