It's 2013. Can you believe it? We've put away our Christmas decorations and spent the last week getting ready for what looks to be a great year.

We love helping our clients set goals for every year of business. One of the most exciting parts of our job is looking back on the journeys we've gone on with clients - seeing goals reached, profits raised, a more informed audience, or a more involved organization. As we look into 2013, we're setting goals for ourselves too. We modified some ideas we've seen floating around on Facebook and are making these a part of our daily practices for this year.  Join us in some of these aspirations?

1. Start each day with expectation.
If there's any big truth about life, it's that it usually lives up to (or down to) your expectations. Therefore, when you rise from bed, make your first thought: "something wonderful is going to happen today." Guess what? You're probably right.

2. Take time to plan and prioritize.
The most common source of stress is the perception that you've got too much work to do. Rather than obsess about it, pick one thing that, if you get it done today, will move you closer to your highest goal and purpose in life. Then do that first.

3. Give a gift to everyone you meet.
I'm not talking about a formal, wrapped-up present. Your gift can be your smile, a word of thanks or encouragement, a gesture of politeness, even a friendly nod. Peace of mind is worth the spare change.

4. End each day with gratitude.
Just before you go to bed, write down at least one wonderful thing that happened. It might be something as small as a making a child laugh or something as huge as a big dollar deal. Whatever it is, be grateful for that day because it will never come again.

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