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When it comes to an SEO strategy, there are aspects to consider. The linking strategy is possibly one of the most complex aspects of SEO. Before you can understand the right way to create a successful linking strategy, here are the top linking strategy mistakes to avoid according to the article "The Five Linking Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making" posted by Josh Gill on Online Marketing News:

1. "Judging a Site's Authority by PageRank Alone"

A website should be judged on its authority. Since PageRank is updated about once a quarter, it is not the only aspect of a website that should be considered when creating a linking strategy. At Spore Creative we will only link your website with quality sites. Although we do consider PageRank, we are as picky about the websites we link you to as we are about our coffee.

2. "Building Links with Only One Keyword or Keyword Phrase"

It is easy to think of a keyword for your site, but different people and different types of customers may put things differently or be interested in different aspects of your business, products, or services. Come talk to us at Spore Creative and we can create anchor text for you that will link visitors to the most relevant areas of your website based on the information they are searching for.

3. "Only Link to Your Homepage"

As we mentioned above, we will link your customer, investors, etc. to the area of your website that they need to be in. People don't want to spend time sifting through pages of information that isn't relevant to them, so we will take them right to it!

4. "Analyze Competitors Backlinks Who Don't Rank for your Target Keywords"

Knowing what your competitors are doing can be helpful, but overall success in linking occurs when you have a balanced link profile. We can build that profile for you, so that the content on your website is easily accessible to Internet users.

There are many steps that go into SEO strategies, but the effort is worth it. Spore Creative offers Forum Link Building, Link Wheeling, Link Baiting, Niche One Way Linking, and Contextual Link Building services along with many other SEO services. Talk with us today about which strategy is right for your business.

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