Like It Or Not!

LikeTell a friend you’re not on Facebook and they are likely to scoff, look at you in disbelief, and proclaim that “something has to be done about this.” Because in reality, you are becoming part of the minority of internet users who have not conformed to the social network sensation. Facebook currently has over 400 million registered users, and for good reason. Access to friends, family, fan sites, interest groups and whatever else you can think of pertaining to the social realm has been made ever so easy by the website. So what’s the big deal? Myspace was huge, and look at Tom now, nothing but bands and webcam girls to be seen within his realm. Isn’t it just a matter of time until another college web genius starts another better social network to surpass even Facebook’s popularity? This time, maybe not.

While Facebook has taken some heat for its ever changing and loosely monitored security terms, the problems have not been enough to deter many, if any, of its users. With s steadily increasing and seemingly solid user base, one of the site’s key components has been realized for its incredible marketing potential. If you have an account on Facebook you’ve probably used it. Even if you don’t, you’ve most likely seen the icon countless times around the web. The “Like” button is now on more than 50,000 websites, providing Facebook with a “treasure trove” of users’ personal preferences and other data pertaining to absolutely anything that can be either liked or disliked.

This increasing database on its more than 400 million users has another web giant quivering. Google has already failed numerous times at entering the social networking realm. Their most recent attempt, still in development and cleverly named “GoogleMe”, will be the final strike at overthrowing Facebook’s thrown. Should it fail, Google fears the threat of Facebook utilizing its expansive database to develop its own search engine will be all too real. The ability of Facebook to view individuals’ personal information will create a huge competitive advantage over Google’s search engine. User’s searches could be customized to focus on their own likes, or even their friends’. With no other real competitor in sight, the implications of Facebook expanding could completely change the way we use the internet and access information.

So keep that in mind when you question whether or not you or your business belongs on Facebook. Most likely, if you’re online at all... both Google and Facebook are a must if you’re truly looking to optimize your reach and marketing potential.




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