Kudos: Infographic History of the World

51kHQrBLbbL. SY344 BO1204203200 What happens when art and history collide? Is there a better visual way to teach history? How do we reach visual learners with the statistical knowledge of dates, times, numbers, etc...?

The answer is The Infographic History of the World, a rich, beautiful illustrated, "textbook" by designer Valentine D'efilippo and journalist James Ball.


I stumbled upon the Infographic History of the World on amazon.com the other day. Holy beautiful visuals, great stats, fun information, and a neat progression from images at the beginning of the book (traditional/historical) to the graphics at the end (modern). Complicated academic topics such as the United States' ever-changing GDP and planet sizes in ratio to the universe become elaborately simple figures for visual learners. History buffs and design enthusiasts alike will enjoy this one - and you can leave it on your coffee table as an educational piece of art.

Click here to buy the book.





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