Hacking is On the Rise

Hacking has become an ever growing threat and it only takes one person to hack major systems. StartCom and GlobalSign are two competing certificate authority companies that have recently been hacked.

According to DigiNotar hacker says he stole huge GlobalSign cache by Dan Goodin:

"An individual calling himself Comodohacker expanded on previous claims that he breached the security of Israel-based certificate authority (claimed)... 'I have all emails, database backups, customer data' for StarCom... (and) access to 'the entire server,' database backups and system configuration of GlobalSign."

GlobalSign will not be issuing certificates during its investigation of the hacking and Fox IT, a Dutch security firm, has been hired help in the inquiry. Comodohacker has claimed to be an Iranian that is 21 years old. This individual has offered proof of inside information about the "security breach of Netherlands-based DigiNotar that minted more than 500 counterfeit certificates for Google.com and dozens of other websites."

The individual linked to this hacking incident is just one person. There is no information at present about other individuals involved in the incident. Hacking has become very prevalent, because it does not take a team of people to hack into major companies like GlobalSign and StarCom. One person can cause major damage in the internet hacking realm.


Goodin, Dan. "DigiNotar Hacker Says He Stole Huge GlobalSign Cache." The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World. 7 Sept. 2011. Web. 07 Sept. 2011. .

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