Google Plus Matters?

"The reality of Google+ for marketers thus far has been less than glorious, with low adoption rates for many ecommerce sites’ target audiences.

Even so, Google+ matters to search engine optimization."

We know that Google Plus probably isn't your first choice for social media. However, we've found that Google Plus DOES play a roll in your SEO rankings, your social media marketing strategy, and your brand awareness.

"From a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to spend resources already stretched thin on a grand Google+ marketing strategy. But neither can brands afford to ignore Google+ entirely. Sharing the content you already create for other social networks on Google+ as well will start your brand’s education process and likely give you an edge over the competition."

Learn more about why Google+ matters to your brand & SEO by reading Jill Kocher's excellent article, "SEO: 5 Reasons Not to Ignore Google+"


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