Google Logo Update

googlelogosSometimes the biggest changes are the most subtle. Most of us use Google every day - (disregard if you're one of those Bing-ers).... so we've been waiting for the official launch of their new logo after a blog post tipped us to the upcoming change on September 19th. 

Now, investigative resources have determined that the new Google logo is sitting open on their server. You can see the old logo here:






and the new logo here:


Not a huge change - but losing the beveled edge and the harsh shadowing does feel a bit more 2013. As we always remind our clients:


  • A logo should be easily identifiable.
  • A logo should be unique (not a copy of someone else's work)
  • A logo should be adaptable (usable in various orientations)
  • A logo should be scalable (doesn't lose detail when scaled to a small size)
  • A logo should be able to be used in monochromatic color (1-2 colors when needed)
  • A logo is not a piece of art - it has to be a symbol or icon that can be associated with your business quickly and memorably. 
Way to go Google - keeping it updated while maintaining brand integrity!

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