Article Prism Service

Article Prism link building provides your website with the highest quality links, ranking you higher with only the most popular search engines, using your self-chosen keywords.

Through the use of permanent one-way links interconnecting your series of articles back to your website, this style of link building provides you with the quality over quantity linking that the best search engines now look for, giving you an edge over the competition in your ever growing industry. It’s timely, efficient, and provides the best results for the money.

Key Features:

  • Professional SEO link building
  • Submissions to "dofollow" article sites only
  • 250 word relevant and keyword rich articles written by SEO professionals
  • Your choice of 2 to 3 keywords for anchor text links in each article.
  • Permanent one-way links
  • Deep Linking for the inner pages of your website.
  • 10 sites social bookmarking for the landing pages of your website
  • We use only unique Class C IPs.
  • You will be given a complete report after the completion of the service.


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